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lodestone love spell 2

This is a spell that will attract the love you need to your life. To perform it, you will need to do some serious soul searching, and have a long conversation with yourself. The reason […]

hoodoo honey jar spell

There is a long history of honey being used in spells. Honey and other sweeteners such as molasses and maple syrup are used in spells as in sympathetic magic using sweetener as a medium can […]

waxing moon love spell

One of the most curious phases of the Lunar cycle, a “waxing moon” (when the moon is getting fuller) is a great time to amplify the power of white magic and cast spells that wouldn’t […]

red candle love spell

If there is one amorous spell that has been around for centuries, it’s this powerful red candle love spell. There are several variations of this ancient ritual floating around, but here you will find the […]

attraction spell

This spell is perfect to attract anything you need the most in your life at the moment and isn’t necessarily limited to romantic endeavours. Although you can, indeed, choose to attract a person with this […]

simple love spell

This quick and easy love spell is meant to attract a perfect lover into your life or to catch the attention of the one that you love. By using this simple love spell you will […]

powerful soulmate love spell

This love spell has few ingredients, but it is powerful in that it works with the four elements to attract a deep and lasting soulmate love. This love spell requires you to have good visualization […]

lost love spell

Although a lot of people look for spells to bring back lost love, usually with an ex, love spells that target a specific person are often a matter of controversy.  Many witches will shy away from […]

Marriage Spells for Wiccans and Witches I just wish that when you clicked onto this post that a score of white doves would fly overhead, the scent of roses arising from your computer, mingling in […]

Full moon love spell wicca

  If you want to attract love into your life, perform this spell underneath a full moon. You will need: A red candle A pink candle Dried basil Ground cinnamon Two apple seeds A moonstone crystal A rose […]

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