Top 5 Love Spells That Work Immediately (100% Powerful…!)

Looking for a love spell that can change your life?

When it comes to the witchery world, there are many kinds of powerful love spells – some can be done with particular materials (candles, powder, oil, etc.), while some do not even need ingredients.

Those complicating spells often take time in displaying effect; however, they’re not a good choice if you hardly have time for waiting. Fortunately, there are also still easy, handy love spells that work immediately.

Since the ancient time, the witchcraft has combined both the dark and white magic to help fulfill your desires. However, people nowadays rarely practice spells summoning the dark forces which may be harmful.

There area actually several handy free love spells that could bring positive changes in your love life.

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Exploring Spells Giving Your Love Life a Bless

free love spells that work in hours

free love spells that work in hours

#1: A Simple Attraction Spell

If you are having a keen eye on someone and want to make them fall in love with you, then the attraction spells with words are more than perfect.

Simple to cast at home, this spell doesn’t manipulate one’s mind or cause changes to everything revolving around you. Instead, you’ll receive a positive energy from the universe help you make a good impression and get noticed from the person you like.

Materials: two candles, a pen, and a white piece of paper

How to cast:

  1. Sit calmly in a quiet room and focus on your intention
  2. Be honest with yourself
  3. Clear your mind from all kind of distraction and write down your desire on the prepared paper
  4. Light up the candles
  5. Let the piece of paper catch fire from both candles
  6. Stare at the flame and say this chant as many as possible: “May I be seen and be blessed today while harming no one on my way”
  7. Take the ashes outside for the wind to swallow it up
  8. Don’t blow the candles

The attraction spell needs to be done continuously for 9 times to achieve a possible outcome. If it doesn’t work, then make sure you’re in the right mind space, focus on the same goal, and try again within a month.

#2: A Love Spell to Get the Person You Want

How to make someone love you deeply?

Try this quick and easy love spell and you will engage in a relationship with a perfect lover whom you have always dreamt about for a very long time. The spell here will catch the attention of your crush. Once you perform the witchcraft featuring love magic, your self-confidence is boosted up as well as your attraction is enhanced.

If your dating scene was not like your expectation, then don’t hesitate to cast this love spell for another chance with the potential partner.

Materials: two red candles, a long string, a piece of paper, and rose oil

How to cast:

  1. Concentrate your mind on the person whom you desire romantically and visualize the scenery of you two happy together
  2. Carve a pentagram with a heart inside into a candle
  3. Place the carved candle to your left and use a string to tie it with the other candle supposed to be on your right
  4. Put 2 drops of rose oil on the paper which have both the names of you and your love interest
  5. Coat two candles with rose oil and light up the carved candle firstly then move to the right one
  6. Chant the following sentence: “With this spell I call to your heart and in turn I offer you mine. Let the slate of our past be wiped clean and our future together begins. Blessings to the Gods and to the moon above.”
  7. Burn the paper with the flame of the left candle to finish the spell

For the best result, the love spell to get the person you want must be done on a new moon and near your date with them.

#3: A White Magic Lodestone Love Spell

Who can live a life without love, right?

When talking about love, you’ll surely have a person in heart that you have craved to be by your side for many years. For those who prefer practicing white magic, the Lodestone love spell can help attract the love of your life harmlessly.

Casting a positive spell will bring positive vibe to your surrounding and make you feel absolutely positive no matter how the end result comes.

Materials: a piece of red cloth, a red candle, iron fillings, a lodestone, a heatproof container, paper and a pen

How to cast:

  1. Light the candle
  2. Place the lodestone next to it and say “This stone is me”
  3. Write out what you truly want in list form in the paper and then read out loud everything during the session
  4. Mean what you read and visualize it clearly in your mind
  5. Burn the list once you’ve finished reading and gather the ashes in the container
  6. Mix iron fillings with the ashes
  7. Put the lodestone on the red cloth
  8. Pour the mixture of iron fillings and ashes on the lodestone and then say “What I want comes to me” in 3 times
  9. Wrap the lodestone tightly using the red cloth, saying “As I will, so it must be”
  10. Place the whole bundle in a safe spot

Try to approach this kind of spell with a peaceful mind and a healthy respect to the energy around you.

#4: A Spell to Win Back a Lost Love

Is it possible to cast a love spell to get back to your ex?

The spell that we’re going to inform you has no harm the other person and attracts no karma. Rather than forcing someone to love you against their will, the aim of this powerful spell is to clear off the negative energy between you and your target. Also, the magic may help you become more attractive than before.

The lost love is often the result of constant fights, insecurities, fears and anger – a large amount of negative energy will cause a relationship to end.

The love spells that work fast are a perfect option to rekindle with your lost love

Materials: two white pillar candles, one purple candle, and sage smudge

How to cast:

  1. Do the meditation for a couple of minutes to clear your mind from all the chaos of the daily life
  2. Light one white candle and say: “This is my Divine Self” and hold it with your hands; then, light the other white candle and say: “This is (your ex lover’s name)’s Divine Self”
  3. Light the purple candle and say: “May we be guided to our Highest Good”
  4. Visualize the scene in which you two have joyful and harmonious moments together without the requirement of attachment
  5. Burn the sage smudge and blow it all over the candles
  6. Think about conflicts both of you engaged in before and say out loud in the smoke: “An it harm none, so mote it be”
  7. Blow out the candles

Repeat this ritual for 7 days in a row and don’t show much your desperate need of wanting your lover to come back. If your relationship is meant to be, then the spell will fill your heart with relief.

#5: A Hoodoo Honey Jar Love Spell

You may need quite lots of ingredients for this spell, including:

  • A honey jar (maple syrup as substitute is okay)
  • Pens or paints for the jar decoration
  • Parchment paper
  • One pink candle
  • Red pepper, vanilla bean, jasmine, violet, cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender, cardamom, basil, and bay leaves

How to cast:

  1. Cleanse your jar with salt water and dry it
  2. Decorate it using colors representing love (pink and red) and draw any symbol and word associating with love
  3. Write the following love chant in the paper:

“With this spell I attract to me
The person with whom I am meant to be
With this spell I cast tonight
A love will come, that for me is right”

  1. Put the paper in the jar and add some herbs or dried flowers you’ve prepared
  2. Fill the jar with honey
  3. Place the pink candle on top of the honey jar and light it
  4. Find a very private spot and put it there

If you want to recharge the spell, then simply place a tea light on the jar and light it.

In Conclusion

For those who feel like your relationship needs more passion or healing, keep your eyes on love spells that work immediately in this article. All comes with ingredients and full instructions that help you eliminate negative energies and spice up your love life.

Love spells are the most popular form of magic designed to focus on a variety of different hear matters.

Whether you want to win back a lost love, heat up the flame between you and your partner, or attract someone you’re crushing on, love spells with particular purposes can satisfy you in a quick period.


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