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COVID-19: The latest from The World

Under new measures against the coronavirus, the Israeli government has banned protesters from holding demonstrations more than 1 kilometer (about a half-mile) from their homes. In response, some activists have turned to WhatsApp, Facebook and an interactive map to find protest sites near them. 

2020 US presidential election

With China flexing its muscles like never before, Donald Trump and Joe Biden try to convince voters that their policies will be better for trade, technology and human rights. They also promise to lessen US dependence on Beijing, a campaign pledge that may prove difficult to fulfill.

Women & Girls

What happens when tech influences every aspect of our lives — even who we meet, and what our families look like?

US-China relations

A new report from the House Intelligence Committee says that intelligence agencies are facing great difficulty shifting away from counterterrorism toward new threats from countries like China. The US is lacking in personnel, language skills, expertise and prioritization of resources.


While some advanced economies in Europe and the Americas are struggling mightily with COVID-19, a few notable industrialized societies that could provide a roadmap for the US to improve its capacity to manage the pandemic, says Dr. Atul Gawande.

Top of The World

Across much of Europe, the Middle East and beyond, the coronavirus appears to be making a resurgence. Taiwan scrambled fighter jets and deployed an air defense missile system Friday to counter 18 Chinese aircraft. And the Trump administration has issued new rules to cripple the TikTok and WeChat apps.


The toys are designed to help children who are blind or visually impaired learn the Braille system of reading and writing, where characters of the alphabet are represented by raised dots.

Development & Education

Millions of schoolchildren across Mexico began the academic year this week in front of a TV. But teachers in Oaxaca say televised classes won’t meet fundamental educational needs and many families lack the technology to keep up, deepening Mexico’s socioeconomic divide.


With friends and family spread out across the globe, perhaps a Zoom wedding is the only way to really have everyone present — in pandemic times or not.

US-China relations

WeChat, a wildly popular app in China and among the Chinese diaspora, could soon become unavailable in the US, after President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting the app over security concerns. 



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