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20 Experienced Coven Members Cast Each Spell

Love Spells That Really Work

Are you looking for a love spell that works? Look no further. Whether you are looking to get an ex back, make a love stronger, get someone to commit, or take your relationship to the next level, we have a spell for you.

The way that our spells work and are priced are based off of how many nights of casting we cast and how many members of the coven it takes to cast a specific spell. You will see results anywhere from right after casting up to 90 days to fully manifest. Many things play a role in this. The first is how strong of a spell are you having cast, the second is the moon phase we are casting in, and third is how stubborn the people and/or situation is. This is a 1 time fee. You will never be asked to pay more money to receive your FULL DESIRED RESULTS.

We understand that a lot of people out there have not been able to get their desired results from other covens. We have helped many clients that did not get results previously and we are in this to help people not hurt them. Having a broken heart is one of the worst pains to feel. You are not alone. We can and will help. 

Popular Spells 

Obsession Love Spell

Do you want someone to fall deeply in love with you and have them not be able to get you off of their mind? This will make someone fall deeply in love with you and think about you 24/7. You will be the first thing that they think about when they wake up, and the last thing they think about when they go to bed. They will have to have you.

$499 Sale $349

Forgiveness Love Spell

Did you mess up really bad? Did you lie to your partner or cheat on them? This will help to open up their heart to forgiving you. They will realize that you made a mistake and will get over it. 


Customized Love Spell

Do you need many love elements to go into 1 spell? This spell will get you the most bang for your buck. You will be able to pick out any 3 love elements to go into this spell. You can choose from Break them up, return love, rekindle a relationship, Loyalty & Faithful, Open Communication, Accept a partner, Stop Arguing, Fall in Love & Obsession, Forgiveness, and Binding.


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“Kristie helped me get my husband back when he left me for his ex. I did not think he would ever talk to me again let alone want to get back together! I KNOW it was because of the love spell that I had cast because his feelings changed shortly after I had it cast and he called me out of the blue.”

“I had a really hard time trusting my partner after he cheated on me although I knew he was my soul mate. I wanted to trust him again and for us to start over. I contacted Kristie and she recommended a customized love spell. That was 6 weeks ago and I can honestly say our relationship has never been better.”

“The jackpot lotto spell has changed my life in every way money can change someone’s life! THANK YOU!! I tried many different lottery spells from different witches but nothing produced the results that your did. I can retire peacefully without always worrying about how I’m going to pay for stuff! You all are very talented individuals!”

“We are officially engaged and planning our wedding as we speak! Your marriage binding spell worked wonders for Tom and I! He finally proposed and instead of me always talking about getting married HE is the one always talking about it now! It is a Christmas miracle!”

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