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PictureSpells and rituals are magical formulae designed to bring about specific results. Many of the discoveries of science are attributable to magical activities like alchemy, astrology and herbalism including spells and rituals. The word ‘spell’ comes from Old English spel, meaning a saying, or fable, which is in turn derived from prehistoric Germanic. Thus these ‘sayings,’ the incantations of sorcerers, came to mean magical formulae exclusively. Genrally, Spells are temporary measures adopted to bring about a desired result or turn an event around for the better using magical powers. To some, spells may be considered a demonic form of prayer originally used in witchcraft. Some religions believe that spells are evil and said to false gods, and are in no way related to hyms and prayers. 

True Witches don’t just do spells and rituals for the fun of it. If your car tire goes flat – does a Christian sit down in the grass and pray for God to come down and fix it for them? I hope not. Neither would a Witch. Bothering your dieties over ever little thing is annoying and proves you can’t take care of yourself. It’s a sure way to annoy them. So again, spells are beautiful, coodinated prayers to our Gods. Think of Church, with the incense floating, the music in the backround, the candles everywhere, the chalice on the altar, the bowl of water on the side…sounds familiar to a Witch’s altar to pray doesn’t it? They are both prayer, both meaningful and both beautiful. so are spells and rituals


Ancient Voodoo Return a Lover Spells
Has your lover vanished without any rational explanations. Do not give in to despair. It could be that someone with an interest in your lover / husband  has taken him / her  by casting a voodoo black magic love spell on him / her. Here is what we do. We will first cast a corresponding voodoo black magic separation spell on the two illegal couples tearing them apart to be immediate followed by a voodoo love ritual to reunite you to your lover / husband permanantly. Thereafter, we will throw an invinsible  voodoo  protection ring around you and your lover / husband to prevent future occurence.              


Powerful Ancient Voodoo Love Spells
Love is a divine emotion that can never been compared to any other feeling. it is purest in its form. When one feels this emotion for someone else, there is little that one can do to avoid this feeling. When you are in love the emotion and the feeling of love  grows so strong in you that the more you listen, see and learn about the person you love, the more intense these feelings become in your heart. However, sometimes it could be that you are the only one who feels this way and the other person does not feel the same way about you? It can bring unbearable anguish to  the heart. Just close your eyes and imagine a life full of love and the person your love also share those feelings for you. we can help you achieve it. Are you in love with a person for a long time, but he / she does not respond towards you in the same way? You want this situation to change but you have lost all hopes on her or him falling in love with you? Do you want to permanently banish lonely days? we will cast a magic love spell on the person you love.

PictureAncient Voodoo Break them up with Spells
ust as we explained in the case of return a run away lover spell, this spell functions in similar lines. It could be that your brother / sister is bewitch by a no-good woman / man or an outright shameless gold digger out to reap where they did not sow. Of course you will not sit and watch while the life of your sister / brother falls into a disastrous cathastrophe. This spell is designed just for that. With this spell, the gold diggers spell is rendered null and void saving your love one out of danger. After the spell cast on him / her is broken, the scales will fall from thier eyes and they will be forever grateful to you.

Extremely effective spell in:
breaking engagement; separating a couple; get rid of a lover; split couple; breaking a marriage; remove a husband or wife and Separation of undesirables


Weight Loss Spell
Have you tried everything to lose weight?  Are you tired of diets that do not work?  Do not you know how to lose those extra pounds? Our  weight loss magic spell have been praised by many as a miracle. Being fit is one of the objectives of health and beauty besides, we all want to look and feel healthy and beautiful. With our Voodoo Magic Spells for Weight Loss you can get to have a beautiful and admirable figure in no time.  The weight problem may have been caused by anxiety, stress, sedentary lifestyle, hormonal or other causes. In the canons of beauty, we tend to want to achieve a lower weigh that is suitable for  healthy living. 


Voodoo Marriage Spells
Most of us have at one time or the other consider the prospect of spending the rest of our lives with someone we consider special. Are you prepared to make a commitment to  live the rest of your life with this someone special? Maybe this special person is not interested in you and may have rejected you? This powerful spell will help you achieve your dream and have the person you love accept and commit to you. The voodoo marry me spell is a spell ordered  by most. Do not waste your time. We are here to assist you in making that dream a reality. 


Stop the Divorce Spells with Voodoo
Over time, negative elemental forces can accummulate  in a relationship. Do not sit there and watch. Remove all the bad energy and stabilize your marriage . This voodoo spell is extremely effective in making a  partner change their mind about a divorce.  Rest assured that this spell will do whatever it takes to return happiness into your marriage. Many hearts are broken every day and people suffer  anguish. Do not be one of them. we have a variety of powerful spells for your needs in situations where a rival lover tries to  break your marriage through separation spell rituals. In cases where someone may have cast a spell against your marriage, you can take control of the situation and return the spell against that person.


Voodoo Fertility Spell
Fertility is one of the most common concerns of couples. There is no greater miracle than when the seed of love bears fruit to a child. Maternity is a stage that many women see as a complement to their lives. But sadly for some couples, even though they strive to become pregnant, they fail for different reasons. Our  voodoo pregnancy spell can help you achieve this beautiful purpose. Achieve a natural pregnancy and have the family of your dreams.


Stop Pregnancy Spell
Termination of pregnancy is a practice as old as humanity. Abortions caused by witchcraft without the woman’s knowledge of having suffered abortion. This black magic spell works with the spirits and those lives are carried from the womb of the woman. Miscarriages after miscarriages. Frustrated  and not knowing where to turn to, most victims blame it on an act of God.  Witchcraft is used  to  prevent a woman from conceiving or have abortion during delivery. Preventing reproduction by obstructing the generative force in man, destroying generative force in women,  devouring unborn children in the womb. To escape being a victim or if you have suffered repeated miscarriages, still births, then this is an ideal spell for you.


Ancient Voodoo Sex Spell
Spice up your sex life. You want more sex in your life? You dream about passion and hot action? This sex spell will take you to new heights of pleasure. We will help you achieve your sexiest and hottest dreams. Good bye to fantancy. Get the real thing. You will experience things that you never thought was possible. This strong lust and sex magic is recommended if:
• You want sex constantly.
• You have to live out erotic fantasies that you want.
• You have too little lust and sex in your life
• You want more and better sex.
•Make your relationship stronger, passionate, and  more intimate. You will notice your lover engaging you in a better manner than ever before. They will become romantic, caring, and passionate. 
•We  have helped many couples find their way back to one another.

PictureVoodoo Gay / Lesbian Love Spell

Love spells for gay or lesbians to charm a dream lover. This magic spell enable gay/lesbian couples to achieve happiness in their chosen union.


Voodoo Recovery from a Break up Spell 
When a relationship ends, it hurts. Irrespective of the reasons for the break up, the aftermate can prove unhealable leaving in its trail void filled with and binded by negative energy. To move on with your life, you need to get rid of this negative energy, let it drain out of you and then you can leave the past relationship behind and start moving forward to find new love and happiness. This strong Break Up Spell will create a powerful balancing force that counteracts the negative energy inside you, and anything left behind by your ex partner. It will also help deflect any attacks on you made by your ex. Once the negative energy is balanced it cancels itself out and disappears, leaving you free to carry on your life in safety and happiness. If you want to get over your ex quickly, don’t wait any longer


Voodoo Protection Spells
This Spell practically insullate you from all forms of Spiritual attack; Safeguards you against harm from mischievious people who may be jealous of your God given talent and ability. There may be demons and evil spirits lurking around looking for a vulnerable body to inhibit to cause havoc. These Spell also put a guard against the magnitudes of negative elemental forces that are all around us in zillions. It equally provide protection against voodoo black magic attacks. Ancestral curse can make a man spend all his life going around in circles. If you have been cursed, bewitched, or even have reason to believe you are, this spell is perfect for you. This voodoo spell will undo any work of root that have been placed in you. The dreaded effects of growth retardation, invisible chains holding you back will all be eliminated setting you free at last!

PictureBusiness Success Spells – Ancient Voodoo for Business
You have a bad running business that prepares grief and sorrow? This spell will help your business back on its feet and will give you the long term new customers and orders. This is a gentle charm that you can indeed save a threatened bankruptcy no longer, but in the long run makes for greater stability and good orde. Send me your name and date of birth and a description of what business it is and exactly what the magic is to reach the individual. This spell is also very suitable for start-ups

•Enrich your life with career opportunities which will help your financial stresses vanish.
•Change other people’s view of you into a more positive outlook.
•Removes all negative thoughts, barriers. Removes all evil.


Money Spell – Attract money and abundance with Voodoo
This is a spell that can help you to attract money and prosperity just as honey attract bees into your life. Your life will be modeled to facilitat easy flow of money through a powerful voodoo ritual. Reaffirms happiness in your life, prosperity and profit. Go for this spell if you have debts and want to get rid of them once and for all to live a life  in peace. Raise your business and your career ahead of ordinary level and stand out from the crowd. Become an example to your friends and associates. Leave the competition behind. This voodoo spell will bring what you need. Assist in recovering your financial situation and will continuously be  opening new doors of opportunity. Extremely effective spell to bring prosperity into your life. 

there are hundreds of way to achieve unlimited wealth and be free from want.
1. make a pack with the devil for money and power.
2. belong to a brotherhood where all business is directed to you
3. open a shop where anyone who ventures into that shop will never shop any where again for life
4. lottery spell where the winning number will only be reveal to the client in a dream. not even to me.

and many more. each with differenct price and conditions.

our wealth rituals begin from 3000 Euros to as far as 100,000 Euros depending on what the client wants


Voodoo Game of Luck Rituals
We perform Rituals and spells to enhance chances to win games of luck and chance. This powerful and exclusive Voodoo or Vodun ritual is for  those who need “something” extra to turn the tables in their favour. There is no such thing as luck. Luck is acquired through systematic obedience to the laws of esoterism. It make no sense to invest alot of money in a game of chance without an invinble force to turn things in ones favour. This is what this luck spells and voodoo ritual is designed to achieve; Period. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being sincere with you. In addition to the game, your life will be affected by extraordinary positive energy that will significantly improve your daily living. It boosts Good luck in all fields of human endeavour. It  facilitates the succession of positive events; Increase success and personal satisfaction. Client who ordered this spell describe that everything became easier and easier and discovered  the energy to do things or experiences  they had previously thought impossible.
Voodoo spells to obtain:
-good luck; attract good fortune; win casino games; lucky charms; increase positive energy; winning in lotteries

Voodoo Legal Spells – Voodoo for Court cases
Legal cases can somtimes become an all time consuming ordeal. This is beside the fact that justice does not always give the reason to whom it is due. Our  goal is for our clients win legal battles through spiritual manipulation. If you are suffering and tired, and the case or the legal matter you are going through seems endless, then you can go for this very strong spells. “Court case” these spells can help you out of prison and stay out of jail, spells to put someone in jail, spells to be released and other spells to keep them locked. The essence of all Court Case work is to maintain their power and autonomy in a situation where another (the public, the court, district attorney, the plaintiff) is trying to be imposed on you. Judge – To make him / her sympathy with you Your Lawyer – To make him / her eloquent, confident and insightful Opposing Attorney – To make him / her confused, vaguely disinterested His Witnesses – To make them credible, eloquent, confident Opposing witnesses – To be confusing and appear as liars judge / jury. Also to prevent them from telling all they know The Jury – If  it applies to your case   

This is an effective voodoo spell to:
-win courtcases; lawsuit; freedom; avoid jail; gain custody of children; legal protection; influence jury

PictureReverse Curse Spell
Simply put, the spell sends a curse back to the sender. This spell is especially useful when everything begin to fall apart for no apparent reason. When an evil force  is set in motion against you, the results can be disastrous. When you notice this, then do not wait for even a nansecond to reverse the spell else you will be crushed. Return all the negative energy to its owner and free yourself. This spell is designed to reverse the curse and remove the obstacles that stand between you and success. This is very common in Africa where polygamy breeds acrimony between children of different mothers. The result is envy, jealousness and hatred.

Magic spell effective for:
-Return curse to sender; redirect attacks; break barriers; get rid of evil forces

PictureVoodoo Curse & HEX Removal  Spell
A voodoo curse and Hexes are among the worst plague that anyone can experience. It destroys without mercy. Its victims are  reduced to perpetual penury and blinds  captives as to its origin. We can assist you remove this deadly curse and keep you protected.  Symptoms include blocked income, miscarriages, unhappiness in marriage, sexual deficiencies, inability to perform simple tasks, concentration or holding a meaningful conversation becomes impossibe, drunkiness, vile temper and utltimately mental damage. With our  voodoo experience, we  can nip any damage or black magic in the bud, immediately turning them off, rapidly bringing the situation to normalcy. A good luck spell is also recommended for this type of problems.

Really powerful voodoo spell to:
remove black magic; remove hexes; get rid of demons; stop attacks; destroy generational curse; block evil spirits; stop bad luck; get rid of negative energy & prevent misfortune

PictureAncient Voodoo Revenge Spells
Someone you reposed alot of confidence on has finally betrayed you and now even wants to take your life.  Or a trusted friend orders an evil spell to destroy your life and marriage leaving your young children to beg for bread. What can you do? Well, this where the law of Moses come into play: an eye for and eye and tooth for tooth. You may lack the guts to do it yourself. Dont worry, we are here to enable you achieve a sweet revenge. We highly recommend a protection spell to protect yourself and your love ones when seeking revenge from enemies.

Really effective spell to get:
-Vengeance; Get back at enemy; curse the enemy; cause bad luck & misfortune; get even

PictureHealing Spell – Ancient Voodoo Spell for Healing
There may arise a situation when you fall ill. You to hospitals after hostpitals and the doctors pronounce you as well when you know that you are not well, this is a sign of voodoo, witchcraf or magic spell in action. You may experience extreme hallucination, (voices and sights in the head and eyes) Through a ritual of voodoo we can help purify and get rid of what ever damage you may have suffered. I realise my healing through spiritual means, to remove curses, expelling of evil spirits that plague the health and harm the family, marriage, work , health, business, studies, etc. 

Caution: witchcraft and evil exist. Do not be deceived by the rational who must see a thing to believe in it. Voodoo, witchcraft and black magic are as real as gravity. You cannot see gravity, but it will be foolish and deadly to go against its laws.  When such a situation arises, please for your own good, consult us before your health is irreversibly  compromised.

PictureCustoms Spells
NOTE:Our Custom Spells are spells I design and cast JUST FOR YOU. We offer a wide range of spells for most situations on my website. However, there may be times when you need a custom spell for a very specific situation or you can’t quite find what you’re looking for. We will take details of your situation and your desired outcome then write a personal spell for you.  We will customize and create any spell to your specific needs.   Our Custom Voodoo Spells are Created for Any Situation. Each spell we cast is created specifically for you and your exact needs.  After purchasing we will need you to email me with the following details:

1. Your name, birthdate and picture
2. Names, birthdates,  and pictures of other people
3. A brief history of the situation
4. A paragraph or two, in your own words, of the exact desired outcome of your spell casting.

When we receive all of this information, we will contact you to start your custom spell.

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