How to Remove Black Magic Spells

  • Fery K Baksh

    “I know now why in the past 5 years I’ve kept losing jobs and suddenly my own family and friends turned against me without me doing anything wrong to them. Even my dog doesn’t want me to pick him up as before.”…” more

  • Fabrice Rey

    “I regard the information offered as useful for those so inclined, and as far as I can tell it was beneficial for me. In my case it helped me liberate myself from excessive physical and mental fatigue and detrimental thought patterns through the understanding of underlying principles and how to counter them. Thank you.”…” more

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  • Anonymous

    “Understanding good and bad and also right from wrong is helpful. I already knew never to do wrong to others and stay positive. About life, whether you’re right or wrong, stay positive. I always look out for others instead of myself.”…” more

  • R. H.

    “This article on spells is very true and realistic. I grew up with a hex on me, so I’m.very familiar with all theses signs. My advice to all reading this great and so true article: please believe that spells are out there.”…” more

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  • Joe S.

    “It has been an eye-opener to me in many things -one has to be protected against evil spirits! It is great, and I’m grateful for this information. “…” more

  • Anonymous

    “These things are real, it has happened with me, too. I don’t see why people waste their time on harming others, just improve your life instead.”…” more

  • Nyaana Baaakaran

    “Thank you wikiHow for clearing my doubt.. This article is really helpful for the ones who want answers on something. Use it and learn from it!”…” more

  • Meera Mishra

    “The laughter advice, and the bath to cleanse my aura. To focus on something funny and positive. The pictures helped understand the fears.”…” more

  • Johann Centino

    “Using this method, I managed to expel all of my demons and dark magic from my body. We need more advice like this that will always help.”…” more

  • Joe

    “It helped me because my ex-girlfriend is crazy. I think she did something to me, because I have been doing really bad lately.”…” more

  • Linda Ross

    “It all stood out to me. Most of all, I was very pleased, because you didn’t just tell the people what they wanted to hear.”…” more

  • Patricia Richards

    “It confirmed what I need to do when people send bad intentions towards me. Send the bad intentions right back!”

  • Y. F.

    “This article showed me that I can possibly escape if my black magic or someone else’s black magic comes to me.”

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  • Zeevan AS

    “Very informative. Very easy to understand by all classes. Keep giving this kind of information to the public.”

  • Alice Taylor

    “I was so stuck with pain, as all my efforts are going down the drain. After reading this. I feel positive!”

  • Izaiah Malinder

    “I liked how you guys were able to put down this stuff about unhexing/uncursing very thoroughly.”

  • Sandra Debbie Hira

    “Very helpful! I needed information on this matter and yours is just awesome. Thanks a lot.”

  • Sherry Thompson

    “I believe an evil spell is on me, and I am researching how to get rid of it. Thanks.”

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  • Esprantha

    “It’s honest, practical and gives the right warnings at the right time.”

  • Anonymous

    “I finally know I’ve been cursed and that I can reverse the spell!”

  • Glorya Freeman

    “This has helped me due to the fact that it has given me hope.”

  • Sean Curry

    “The more info the better. You can never learn too much.”

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  • Veronica Smith

    “It is very helpful and I know that it can be removed.”

  • Alisia Ramirez

    “All of it helped on how to take a spell from someone.”

  • Timothy Mccarthy

    “Somebody in my family gave me bad luck. This helps. “

  • Joyce Wilson

    “It helped through the steps of getting rid of this.”

  • Charles Murff

    “The information of how to remove a hex was helpful.”

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    “It gave me great knowledge and I am enjoying that.”

  • Si Nguyen

    “Helped me understand whats been happpening to me.”

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  • Nothando Mntambo

    “I learned how to protect my self from curses!”

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