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This training series can be viewed in order to become an expert on the Alchemy Training Solution, or individually to refresh your knowledge in specific areas. Need instruction on Player 6? Click here.


Get Started: Alchemy Out of the Box

Get started using the Alchemy Solution with this set up guide


Big Picture: Your Alchemy Training Day

Review the onsite training day provided by Alchemy Systems, including options for optimizing your experience.


Big Picture: What is the Alchemy Solution?

Review the six main elements of the Alchemy Solution: Player, Manager, Courseware, Creator, Coach, and Communications.


Big Picture: Alchemy Coach in Context

Review the key concepts of the Coach App


How To: Facilitate Training with Player

Learn how to facilitate a training session with Player – select your Activities, enroll your Users, choose your options, and press PLAY!


How To: Use Captions and Subtitles in Player Videos

Review the differences between captions and subtitles, plus instructions for setting both in Player.


How To: Manage Mid-Session Changes in Player

Identify how to handle correcting your course selection, replacing a non-functioning remote, and exiting a user mid-course.


How To: Set Up Kiosk Mode in Player

Use Player’s self-serve option, Kiosk Mode, by making a few admin settings changes.


How To: Facilitate a Single-User Observation in Coach

Use Alchemy’s Coach app to observe an individual employee


How To: Facilitate a Multi-User Observation in Coach

Use Alchemy’s Coach app to observe more than one user at a time!


How To: Use eLearning

Share this video with your eLearners to help them navigate Alchemy’s online training option.


Best Practice: Set Up Your Training Space

Enhance your training experience with these best practices for setting up your training room for groups small and large.



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