Virus czar: Lockdown will probably be extended beyond two weeks

Signing deals on aviation, tourism, health, water, agriculture

A first in region where Islam is the state religion

Says Israel ‘assassinates who it wants to,’ denies equal rights

Set to meet Netanyahu, Ashkenazi and three other cabinet members

Move good for four days, doesn’t cover flights to other destinations

$3 million accelerator called OnBoard key to getting industry back on track

‘We are moving toward an era of progress, prosperity, peace and friendship’

Manama’s industry minister set to lead economic trip to Israel on Tuesday

Segment of 5,000 mile, $400m Internet link between India and Europe

Amid speculation Trump will attack Iran before Biden enters office

Historic church was a museum; any changes may impact UNESCO standing

FM al-Zayani spent 12 hours in Israel’s capital without uttering its name

Conflict ‘needs to be resolved’ based on two-state solution, al-Zayani says

Israel and Azerbaijan share interests, including energy and defense

Five-star hotel will be first in kingdom to establish a kosher kitchen

‘It can either shrink from the challenge or rise to the occasion’

Placed in aftermath of assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

Supreme leader has final say on whether it’s implemented

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was central to regime’s strategic efforts

Says lifting sanctions would ‘weaken new partnerships for peace’

Zaman Fadaee, who prefers to be called Saheb, received 80 lashes

Tehran is also enriching at greater purity than permitted under 2015 pact

Analysts believe new facility being built inside mountain

Convert couple loses appeal to retain custody of their adopted daughter

Weeks after pastor and wife forced to flee after appeals rejected

Maneuvers include fast boat and drone attacks on a mock American carrier

Numerous cyber experts warn that Iran’s attacks are just beginning

PM: ‘Any regime that threatens Israel’s destruction faces similar danger’

Lots of Iranians in Iran and outside support Israel, reject the regime

Person was seen in CCTV footage trying to torch Jewish holy site

It is a message to Israel, the US and allies: We can reach you

Iran has the sixth-highest infection rate in the world

Multinational Force and Observers chopper goes down in the peninsula

Attorney Ragai Attia says he didn’t disdain Christianity, respects Jesus

Imprisoned in 2011 for inciting deaths of Arab Spring protesters

Marginalized as Christian, then marginalized again because they are women

180 former Egyptian Jews return to fete renovated Eliyahu Hanavi shul

UN agency demands release

International pressure exerted to restore stability and reach a deal

Significant damage but no injuries; IDFsays incident unintentional

No casualties in case of errant fire, as Egypt battles Sinai terrorists

Assaulted with bricks, student, 21, suffered skull fracture and hemorrhage

Cairo threatens to stop mediating ceasefire unless terrorists reined in

Ramy Shaath, son of PA official Nabil Shaath, detained for criticising ties with Israel

Egypt backs efforts to achieve ‘a just and comprehensive’ solution

50 Christian families confined to homes as gov’t trys to regain control

Truce reached thanks to mediation efforts by Egypt, Qatar and UN

Status as second-class citizens, obstacles to new churches


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