Elvis and the Rosicrucian brethren

Dr. Nick started to treat Elvis in 1967, what
happened in ten years time? CLICK HERE 

Elvis and his ‘handler’, the right hand man, Dr.Nick

“The image is one thing and a human being is another” 

WATCH! Manchurian mind control video:
“Taking Care of Business without thinking”

Edward Bernay: “If you can influence the leaders, either with or without their conscious cooperation, you automatically influence the group which they sway”.

Elvis and MKULTRA.
Government and media institutions in the 50’s were lead by Freudian ‘psychoanalysts’ who sought to control the order in society by supressing the animalistic nature of people. In the late 50’s the Elvis phenomenon was seen as an ‘unknown’ anthropological threat to society which had to be studied and controled. By the time Elvis joined the service the US army was already a test ground for the MKULTRA project that involved drug related experiments to modify human behaviour for the purpose of subliminal control. MKULTRA operated secretly between ’51 and 75′ but was exposed to the public in the summer of 1977. The project involved ‘hermetic societies’ who used resources of kabbalah and Freud’s ‘Psychoanalyses’ to perform experiments in the field of mind control, group consciousness and bicameralism*. Bicameralism creats a link to the behaviour of humans and social insects like ants, it suggests that the experience and desire of one person can influence the behaviour of a whole society. This experiment required the involvement of a charismatic figure who had captured the mind, heart and imagination of the public and noone fitted that part better then Elvis. We’ll see that most of Elvis’s favorite books covered this very subject, reincarnation, apotheosis, mind control, gnostic christianity, etc.

Did Elvis sacrifice his health to become more ‘Christ-like’?
Power is nothing without control and this is why individuals in the inner circle of the ‘corpus hermeticum’ are subjected to ‘split brain programming’ which enables the organization to manipulate the victim’s memory and subliminal desire. Let’s see why Elvis agreed to participate in drug induced hypnotherapy. The ‘split brain programming’ dissasociates the left part of the brain from the right in order to allow the right spiritual side to function on its own, this ‘schizophrenic induction’ is common in occult rituals and aims to break the barrier in the bicameral mind and give the individual a conscious control over his subconscious mind (simular to ‘lucid dreaming’ techniques). Bicameralism suggests that the subconscious minds of people in a group culture are interconnected, if the leading figure is able to master these ‘lucid dreaming techniques’ he would be able to influence the behaviour and thought patterns of that group culture. In hermetic literature this relates to the ‘Isiac Initiation’ where the subject undergoes an apotheosis and becomes Christ-like in his ability to access the subconscious of others. The subject undergoes frequent hypnotherapy and torture treatment while being semi-unconscious through a combination of barbiturates and amphetamines that act like a ‘truth serum’ allowing the programmers to directly access to the subconscious brain. Elvis’s physical problems like, weight gain, liver problems, drowsiness, bone resorption and glaucoma all match the side-effects of these mind debilitating drugs such as lithium and clozapine. Further more, Elvis had a photographic memory, he suffered from insomnia, he thought he possessed healing powers, he read esoteric literature and he ones threw a 40,000$ ring in the audience because a voice inside him told him to do it.

Elvis and the occult references on his jewelry, jumpsuits and book collection
We will review some of the books Elvis read and the esoteric references displayed on his jewelry and jumpsuits to show Elvis was a member of the Rosicrucian fellowship. Today we know that hermetic societies affiliated with the O.T.O, like the JC’s committee and Scientology church (CoS), seek to recruit celebrities and initiate them into kabbalah and hermetic literature like Elvis’s favorite book “The Impersonal Life”. The CoS basically took custody of Lisa Marie after Elvis ‘passed away’ and one could easily raise the question if the Presley’s were always in control of their personal lives.


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