DestinyTheGame – Can we have our latest discussion about flinch?

As an avid crucible player on PC, I am familiar with the skill on display when I’m 1:1 with a sniper where despite our respective strafing while I’m peppering them with my primary, I get sniped through all the flinch I’m (in theory) causing. But there’s a difference between that and where someone is getting hit so hard and so rapidly but they snipe you in the face anyway.

The recent experience that made me think to post this…in comp I had just killed someone with my redrix and quickly reloaded for a desperado. With that momentum I go to unleash desperado on a sniper who was 15m away, and after my first couple bursts I get sniped mid-desperado. It’s either so lucky on his part that he’ll seldom repeat it if ever, or flinch is just not nearly as punishing as it needs to be.

Redrix may not be the most flinch-inducing weapon out there, but I’ll pull out a crimils dagger with explosive shot, standard fire promise, thorn, ace, sunshot, any of the classic 600rpm autos…and I get sniped by some of these people where it just doesn’t seem possible.

I also watch a lot of streamers play, and there’s constant comments about how “oh yeah flinch doesn’t exist in this game”…but shouldn’t it??


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