Introduction to Psychology

There was a time when one could study Psychology without linking phenomena back to the brain itself, but those days are slowly disappearing. Now every Psychology student, yourself included, is expected to have at least a general knowledge of brain organization and structure. At the end of this section you will be able to locate structures of the brain and discuss its organization.

Video8 videos

Lecture 1 – Brain Matter (20:20 min)20m

Lecture 2 – Your Light Switch (12:40 min)12m

Lecture 3 – Subcortical Regions (13:27 min)13m

Lecture 4 – The Occipital Lobe (10:59 min)10m

Lecture 5 – The Temporal Lobe (14:51 min)14m

Lecture 6 – The Parietal Lobe (16:07 min)16m

Lecture 7 – The Frontal Lobe (18:10 min)18m

Lecture 8 – Split Brain (14:40 min)14m


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