Golf With Good friends Funny Times! – Candyland Basketball Rage!! (Evil Donut Gentleman!)

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21 comments on “Golf With Good friends Funny Times! – Candyland Basketball Rage!! (Evil Donut Gentleman!)”

  1. Thegrandman says:

    Did anyone else hear marcel say he could get a free mouse when ever he breaks one

  2. Thegrandman says:

    Why did wildcat have problems in the one video where he couldn’t stop jumping when you press space bar to jump

  3. Stanziez says:

    Find the difference there’s 2


  4. BasicallyigoBRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Beary_ Plays says:

    Wait was he playging Gmod look at description.
    Good job YouTube!

  6. Neonctron X says:


  7. You guys make me cry from laughter

  8. it took him 4 months to upload this

  9. ThePartyBoss says:

    The added and forced rage on the first stroke of a hole on almost every hole, really hurts the video in my opinion. It's not funny when it's forced. If it's the 10th stroke and you just can't finish the hole, sure the rage is funny. But on the first stroke? Either way this is a really cool game mode to have to make baskets instead of the normal way

  10. MrTrevorrMC says:

    rage = views. but it's cringy when it's forced lol

  11. I would gladly β€” GLADLY β€” buy a T-shirt with "BBBRRRRRRGH!" on it. (Being a phonetics buff, how could I not?!)

  12. skate pro says:

    these mini golf vids make me happy everyday hahaha

  13. Ryan Kirk says:

    How come whenever I hear Marksman I think he's Max πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Falcon says:

    I too want to see Marcel’s β€˜BRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH’ shirt. Please make it happen.

  15. Send me a shirt now bit h

  16. Xp-K Exodus says:

    wildcat would make an excellent sex ed teacher. kid: where do babies come from? Wildcat: COCK IN THE FUCKING PUSSY!!!

  17. That sexual inuendo set of unintentional lines at 16:45 xD

  18. This game has driven Marcel to the point of insanity and beyond.

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