Bender Bending Rodríguez – Best moments

Compilation of Bender’s best moments in very first 5 seasons of Futurama.

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36 comments on “Bender Bending Rodríguez – Best moments”

  1. "If somebody wants to pick a fight with us he better bite my ass" 😂best part

  2. johnnyhb89 says:

    Still waiting for best of headless agnew.

  3. M&M_RatPack says:

    Love that Bender! XD

  4. Derris Bynum says:

    At 3:40 that laugh Bender did was hilarious Bender is one of my favorite characters on Futurama one of the reasons why I love this show so much since the 2000's from my childhood is cause of Bender and his jokes.

  5. Jason Marin says:

    Bite my shiny metal ass.

  6. Delta2196 says:

    "That doesn`t look like an L at all! Unless you count lowercase" YOU KNOW WE DON`T!

  7. Come bender… You'll like being dead….
    Bender:"that's what they Said for being alive!"


  8. Dan Dupon says:

    3:36 Taking advantage of garbage? I'll laugh even harder.

  9. Matt Allen says:

    when ppl say that Hitlery woulda been a good President

  10. Good news, everybody! Futurama's coming back to TV on Syfy. 😀

  11. What the? We missed! rrRRRRrrr!

  12. Uncle Vladimir: "Come Bender, you'll like being dead."
    Bender: "That what they said about being alive!" LOL

  13. nfinn42 says:


  14. Marc gamer says:

    En français tête de bite

  15. Too late this is more fun XD

  16. Lol Commodore LXIV never noticed that before

  17. B E N D E R L A N D I N I Z

  18. SIKU Jacob says:

    315 people can bite my shiny metal ass!

  19. Delbr Orlni says:

    0:28 Welcome to the future human slave!

  20. Mine Henn says:

    OMG it's tank Dempsey!!!!

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